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Discuss any bad beats or hot streaks here! Here's your chance to get some sympathy and/or respect!

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2nd hand of a super short sesh at carbon... lol

I get AK and raise it up to $2 from the button after CO limped. a 40/30 guy with 15+% 3bet that I only have a few dozen hands on repops me to $7. which seemed kinda fishy. flop comes K34. he bets $11 into 14 something i call. turn K342, he jams. I call. he shows KJ. river J. quick $50 hit. a few hands later on the other table i 3 bet this ...
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God Bless the Carbon Poker Baddies

Playing 10NL on carbon, 5 tables (depo'd 50 bucks last night, won about $13 last night messing about)

I 5x AK from the botton with a UTG limper, villain flats.
flop A33 he checks I bet he calls. Turn A33Q villain donks 1.15. My thinking is if he had a monster he would have check-raised the flop or called the flop planning to check raise the turn. MAYBE he turned two pair with a weaker ...
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for fun

pot limit Omaha is a high variance game, a bad beat in NL is not the same thing as a bad beat in PLO. when you experience a bad beat in PLO they are often brutal, so here.. I'll give you two of my hands this week, enjoy! :D

1;st ... 3D56AC600F

Full Tilt Poker Game #32192095565: Table ...
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Finally :D

I just want to be proud of myself! After one year of micro stakes grinding I today finally succeeded with my bankroll goal! I am now playing NL100, which for me is a huge step! Much thanks to all the helpful people around here! ;D Now I just hope that I don't hit some stupid down-swing so I can continue to play poker at the NL100 level! Cheers!
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Since both are pretty deep here, if you were "the other guy" would you be able to fold the set? Since we are up 3xbuyin it find it unlikely that I would stack off with TPTK or a flushdraw.. Well I don't know, what would your thoughts have been if you were playing against me at this hand.. My table image was pretty solid, had a VPIP at like 22-23, and he hadn't seen me ...
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My first online-straightflush

The other player was a real fish with around 50% VP$IP. He was FPR with any kind of PP, any Ax-s and any suited connecters at any position at the table. That's why I 3b him with this hand.

PokerStars Hand #83157667055: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10 USD) - 2012/07/11 12:53:39 CET
Table 'Nissen IV' 6-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: beretta379 ($8 in chips)
Seat 2: rax111 ($3.72 in chips) ...
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Over pocket pairs suck!

Variance sucks.
Just been checking some filters on HEM2
I was looking at my overpair hands.
I play on Enet and Everleaf and there are lots of short stack weak players and its pretty easy to get allin
on the flop when we flop the overpair.

In the last 2 months ive had 31 instances of this occuring where i get allin on the flop.

My HEM2 says that my average allin equity is 69.7%. ...
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Just need to get this down-streak out of my head. Have been playing for a few hours now, and ended up at the most "fishiest" table I've ever seen in my entire life. Everybody on the table limp/called almost every single hand, no matter the position and play until show-down with any pair. Excellent I thought, this will do good for my bankroll. So I played really tight, didn't try to do anything fancy, damnit ...
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25 nl table im in mp 33 r 1.75 co calls btn calls flop comes 3 10 6 i ck co cks btn bets 2.80 i call co calls turn is 4 i push allin 4 19.22 co rr allin 21.46 btn pushs allin 20.55 river is 5 i made set 333 co had 10 10 btn had 66 set over a set over a set does anybody know the odds of that i know ...
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