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WSOP main event

Can't find it anywhere, but what channel is going to host the final table next week? Since I live in Sweden and I don't think any regular channel here will cast it I might have to find a stream or something. Does anyone know any? cheers
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NFL fantasy

I've created an NFL Fantasy League on
for the forthcoming season.
Any NFL fans want to join?
Let me know. Only 7 places available. :D
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A Geniune River Rat!
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subscription methods

having only 2 possibilities isn't cool.
if I don't have a credit card?
If I hate visa and mastercard and I refuse to deal with em?
it's my problem right now, I really want to pay to be premium and watch your videos.
Wouldn't be easier for everyone to use instadebit or any other bank internet debit ?
paying per month looks really more trustable instead of being registered to an auto supscription every months. ...
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question, sorry if this is the wrong area

How do i modify my membership? I need to switch credit cards from what its being drafted from
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NFL PLayoffs

OK I realize some may not know what I'm talking about based on country origin etc. But let me tell ya about my Green Bay Packers! I'm a die hard fan as I am from Wisconsin and was basically born into it. Here is a Quote from their most famous and favorite coach of all time.....

"But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, his greatest fulfillment of all he holds dear, is the ...
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Season's Greetings

I want to wish all a very Happy Holiday. Especially this day of all days. Wishing you the very best.


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Widge's Focused Attention Binaural Track

If anyone wants to try the binaural beat track I mentioned in my blog then here is the link.

It's a 5 min track which basically sounds like pink noise but it has a 7.5hz binaural beat embedded into it, which aims to lower your brainwave activity towards one of focused attention. It's a 50meg wave file.

Set it to repeat in your media player, listen through headphones. Post your experiences with it, whether it ...
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My experience.

Hello everyone!

I want to share my experience on myself and me playing poker.

For about 6 years ago I played poker for some months. I started on about 1000$. I played my cash up to about 3000$ and I did that on the 100$ buyin NL 6-max. I did quit when I was down to 1000$ again and bought a new computer instead.

6 years ago my life was not stable, as I see ...
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