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New to Outstanding Poker? Introduce yourself to the community with a quick post here surrounding your background and where you're at with your poker game!

New member

Hi, I'm Martin new member here, starting from micro NL2, build up bankroll and currently playing on NL10, looking to improve my game in reg war as 3bet happen more often, not really able to play in control. Hope u guys helps. Thank you.
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Looking forward to being "Outstanding"

Hi everyone,
I'll probably be the oldest member here. I am about to retire and want to make an extra or full time income from playing Cash poker games. I have been splashing around being a break even player for around 3-4 years and am looking forward to improving my game.
I play full ring NLHE but have had a rough go with starting hand selection. The charts seem to tight and most of the ...
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Found OP by chance

I can't even remember where at this point. But here's my story:

I'm a newbie. Play for fun, never really learned the game, poker math, theory, etc. Decided I really wanted to take it up as a serious hobby (I'm retired and have time), and see if I could become a consistently profitable small stakes player.

First place I looked to was the #1 recommended site, which I won't name. Got the 7 day trial ...
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Membership info

Hi Guys

Just wondering where i can find out when my membership is up and does it renew automatically.
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Excited about Membership

I'm a 26 year old from California looking to step up my game with the help from OP. From 21 to about 24 was playing home game sit n go's and moved on to 3-6 and 4-8 limit games at the casino's. Limit was to mechanical and I felt the time I was putting in wasn't yielding a strong enough profit. Had a short run at 2-5 NL in the casino's but after busting a ...
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best site for us player

hi ilive in iowa inthe untied states imiss the days of poker stars my main concern is ahonest site toplay on iwould love toplay again any help on choosing a site regards joh
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Hi all, I founded this site, searching things about notecaddy. I saw some JimmyChances videos. Nice!! :D
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New to the site


I have been playing off and on for years, just don't make a profit over the long term. I will put money in stay even to a little up and flush on a couple hands. Just have never learned how to throw a set away or an over pair to a do nothing flop. Today I threw my deposit away first hitting a set of 5's to J's, I was the preflop raiser on ...
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New member

New to the site and not sure where to begin , any help on where to begin would be greatly appreciated ,I'm a fast learner .
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New Player


I'm pretty new to poker and also this site, i was wondering if anyone could tell me the first videos to watch or a certain order i should watch them in?

Thanks in advance
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